"Nouveau Papillon is a wonderful addition to the venue at Butterfly Wonderland.  When they perform in our conservatory; the guests are excited yet calmed by the beauty of the music.  It is surely magical – butterflies and this particular styling of music. Butterfly Wonderland guests and members have conveyed their enjoyment of the combination and are excited to share this as families and introduce their children to music and the wonderful art of nature combined".



Dee Mangulins
Executive Director

Butterfly Wonderland: A rainforest experience 


Nouveau Papillon is comprised of Mark Bensette Aux Bois and Hildi Thelen.


In their first session together Mark and Hildi realized their collaboration and shared vision has led to the emergence of something much greater than their individual contributions, an evolution of powerful instrumental imagery that is constantly evolving, resulting in a unique new sound outside the scope of the traditional New Age genre.


The name "Nouveau Papillon" means New Butterfly. The initial idea for the name came from the free-flowing nature of the music they were creating and because what they had to offer to the world was new and innovative.


Mark and Hildi invite you to experience the ambience of the haunting, soulful melodies of Nouveau Papillon.